Distributor: No Brand Co., Ltd.
Name of sales manager: Sotaro Terada
Store location: 7-5-6 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
contact information:0297-20-9500
mail address:

Required charges other than product price: Consumption tax + shipping
The listed prices do not include tax.
The shipping fee is 1,000 JPY.
For overseas shipments, prices vary depending on location and weight.
The cash on delivery fee will be 500 yen.
Please bear the handling fee for bank transfer.

Payment method: Credit card, Yamato collect service, cash on delivery payment (Japan only), and PayPal are available.

Delivery time: In-stock items will be shipped within 1 week.
*If you would like cash on delivery, we will ship within 7 days after ordering.
* In case of bank transfer, it will be shipped within 7 days after confirmation of payment.
(Except for build-to-order products)

Sales quantity: Our store shares the inventory with real stores for sale. Therefore, when you place an order, out of stock may occur due to concentration of orders for the same product even if it is in stock. Please be aware that we may contact you by e-mail and cancel your order at our shop.

Payment deadline: When using cash on delivery payment, please pay when the item arrives. For bank transfers, please pay within 7 days of placing the order. Cash on delivery payment can be used only in Japan.

Return deadline: Please note that we do not cancel after confirming your order, return non-defective products, or exchange sizes.
・Although the items are shipped carefully at our shop, in the unlikely event that the item is damaged or soiled, the return shipping fee will be exchanged within 7 days after the item arrives at our expense. In that case, please contact us by email or phone. *Please note that the image on the product may differ slightly from the actual color due to the characteristics of browsing on a PC or smartphone. (The color of the image is not treated as our fault. If you want to know more about colors, please contact us before purchase.)  

Return shipping charges: If the product is damaged, the size is wrong due to misdelivery, or other defects are caused by our fault, we will bear the shipping cost.
Customers are responsible for any returns other than the above defective products.