Size guide

How to measure the size
Use paper, a pen, and a tape measure. Please wear socks when measuring.

Foot length
1. Draw a straight line in the center of the paper and place the paper.
At this time, make sure that the edges of the paper are firmly aligned with the wall.

. Stand with your heels against the wall. Make sure the center of your index finger and heel is aligned with the centerline of the paper.

. Mark the tip of your longest finger.

. The length of the foot is up to the mark written on the paper.
Measure vertically from the edge of the paper, relative to the centerline.

Foot circumference
Measure with a tape measure around the most protruding part at the base of the thumb and little finger.
Stand at the center of gravity of both feet and wrap with about 60-70% force. You can easily measure by wrapping it tightly and loosening it lightly.

For Men's: If the foot length is 25.5 to 26.0 cm, and the foot circumference is 249 mm, it will be 8E.

For Women's: If the foot length is 23.5 to 24.0 cm, and the foot circumference is 228 mm, it becomes 6D.


Please use it as a guide for selecting the size for online shopping.
Also, depending on the skeleton of the foot, there are individual differences in the taste of fit.
If you have a ZERROWS retail store near you, it's a good idea to check your inventory, try it on, and actually measure it.