Size guide

We will show you how to measure the size of your feet that you can do at home.
Please refer to it when you are worried about the size.
How to measure the size
Wear socks and measure.
It is recommended that the measurement time be after the evening.

Things to prepare
A4 paper, pen, tape measure (made of soft vinyl)

Foot length
1. Draw a straight line in the center of the paper and place the paper.
At this time, make sure that the edges of the paper are firmly aligned with the wall.

. Stand with your heels against the wall. Make sure the center of your index finger and heel is aligned with the centerline of the paper.

. Mark the tip of your longest finger.

. The length of the foot is up to the mark written on the paper.
Measure vertically from the edge of the paper, relative to the centerline.

Foot circumference
Measure with a tape measure around the most protruding part at the base of the thumb and little finger.
Stand at the center of gravity of both feet and wrap with about 60-70% force.
You can easily measure by wrapping it tightly and loosening it lightly.

For Men's: If the foot length is 25.5 to 26.0 cm, and the foot circumference is 249 mm, it will be 8E.

For Women's: If the foot length is 23.5 to 24.0 cm, and the foot circumference is 228 mm, it becomes 6D.


At ZERROWS, the feeling of size varies depending on the last and design, and there may be individual differences depending on the customer's preference such as fit.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form.